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a web series

Meet Patience Owen, a girl with a big heart and big dreams. She's moving from her home town of Bliss, Idaho (population 275 1/2!) to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being an actress. The people she is leaving behind in Bliss are not so sad to see her go.


Directed by Steve Yager

Starring Shanna Micko, Jordan St. Jean, Angela McEwan

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Episode 1: "Leaving Bliss"

Episode 2:

"Welcome to Los Angeles"

Episode 3:

"Nutter Butters & Hot Cocoa"

Episode 4:

"Not-so-serious Boyfriend"

Episode 5:

"Gettin' Blitzed"

Episode 6:

"Know Your Niche"

Episode 7:

"Irish Confidence, Irish Pride"

Episode 8:

"Gettin' a Job"

Episode 9:

"Study Buddies"

Episode 10:

"Season Finale"

Patience reviews anything and everything! Watch to learn what things are good, and what things are not good!

Episode 1:


Episode 5:

"My Family"

Episode 2:


Episode 6:


Episode 3:

"Chest Hair"

Episode 7:


Episode 4:

"Valentine's Day Hearts"

Episode 1:

"Patience is Gone"

Episode 2:

"Obama is Prez"

Episode 3:

"Letter from Patience"

Episode 4:

"Quitting Smoking"

Episode 5:

"Skimpy Fashion"

Take Patience's St. Patrick's Day Personality Quiz to find out which Irish icon you most identify with!


Outtakes from the filming of season one of Leaving Bliss.

Coming Soon!


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