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Leaving Bliss is a comedic web series that follows Patience Owen, a lovable small-town optimist with a passion for Skittles, Nutter Butters and leprechauns, as she moves from Bliss, Idaho to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of being an actress. From meeting her new roommate (a cute guy she can barely say two words to) to getting "blitzed" headshots, to discovering and embracing her Irish heritage, Patience stumbles through life in the big city. Can she adjust to this fast new world and become the next Nicole Kidman? Or will her allergy to air, her intense fear of men, her real-world ignorance, and her sadness about being separated from the best friend she's ever known - her grandma - get the best of her?


Leaving Bliss was an official selection of the New York Television Festival and the NATPE Next TV Festival.


Season two is currently in development and is due out in early 2014.

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About Leaving Bliss

Shanna Micko as

Patience Owen

Brent Bailey as


Jordan St. Jean as


Angela McEwan as

Grandma Begonia

David H. Lawrence XVII as

Mr. Jerry

Sheree J. Wilson as

Patience's Mom

Tyson Turrou as

Marty Santozy

Dana DeRuyck as


Gene Zahn as


Bethany Orr as


Guy Perry as


Selenia Mason as



Shanna Micko

Executive Producer/Writer/Editor

Steve Yager


Production Team

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